Area-I led the flight testing of the PTERA Spanwise Adaptive Wing (SAW) in conjunction with NASA and Boeing personnel during the week of December 11th 2018. This PTERA configuration integrates a novel actuator using a Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) material developed by NASA Glenn and converted into an actuator by […]

Area-I leads flight testing of PTERA-SAW at NASA Armstrong Flight ...

Area-I’s ALTIUS has been featured in several publications now that the project has become public. Follow the links below to learn more: Jane’s 18-May-2017 National Defense Magazine May-2017 UAS Vision May-2017 National Defense -May-2016

ALTIUS in the News

  Area-I is working with NASA engineers from Armstrong, Langley and Glenn in addition to Boeing on research to investigate the effects of articulating wings on aircraft performance using advanced actuators. PTERA (Prototype-Technology Evaluation Research Aircraft) is meant for exactly this kind of research. PTERA is a modular aircraft by […]

PTERA Spanwise Adaptive Wing Project Unveiled

  NASA Spinoff and OCT published an article about the life of PTERA and how the modular airframe can be used meet researcher’s needs.  Click Here for a link to the article.    

PTERA on NASA Spinoff and OCT

  NASA Spinoff recently published an article highlighting the evolution of PTERA from the initial concept in 2008 to the future programs that will utilize the flying laboratory. Click here to read the full article.

PTERA the focus of recent NASA Spinoff article

Area-I delivered NASA Armstrong its own PTERA-Baseline airframe in October 2014. One year later, Area-I personnel lead the initial flight tests for this airframe and trained a NASA flight test crew on the effort involved getting the complex flying laboratory airborne. You can watch the NASA produced video below.   […]

PTERA flies at Edwards Air Force Base

On October 20th, 2014 NASA Armstrong received its very own PTERA baseline aircraft. With their baseline PTERA, NASA scientists will be able to perform a variety of experiments for various research topics.

NASA Armstrong receives it’s own PTERA

Area I article. AUVSI’s Unmanned Systems: Mission Critical magazine published an article on MEMs (microelectromechanical) devices used in today’s world. The author highlights MEMs sensors used in unmanned systems, specifically those produced by Xsens. Xsens is a leader in IMU (inertial measurement units), ADHRS (attitude and heading reference systems), and […]

Area I in AUVSI’s Unmanned Systems

Area I Article: has posted an article about PTERA’s integration of the Xsens MTi-G GPS/INS. Area-I’s UAS used this technology to record a wide array of position and velocity data during flight testing. To read the whole story click the article below. Area I article