About AREA-I


Area-I’s technical team has a vast amount of experience in a full spectrum of autonomous aircraft development activities, from conception through flight-testing of advanced GNC systems, airframes, sensor suites, flight control hardware/software, and ground station systems. This significant experience in unmanned aircraft design and operation is augmented by an extensive background in flight mechanics, flight simulation, and the development of tools that quickly and accurately predict the performance of aircraft. Area-I offers a unique combination of analytical and practical experience with an emphasis in unmanned aerial systems. The company maintains a shop and laboratory space that is used for electronics development, hardware-in-loop simulation and testing, and has composite fabrication and machining capabilities to support its 20 plus employees. Area-I is quickly becoming known for the go-to source of Tube-Launched, Tube-Stored aircraft.

Markets & Customers

Area-I is actively engaged in the small UAS market and is currently involved in research programs with NASA, the US Army, ONR, and AFRL.

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1590 N. Roberts Rd., Ste 102
Kennesaw, GA 30144